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Can sexual harassment involve LGBTQ people?

If you have been in the workforce either as an employee or an employer in Florida for any length of time, you know that there are strong laws against sexual harassment at work. There may well have been a time when these laws were intended to protect female workers against alleged male perpetrators predominately but today, the scope of these laws is definitely much broader. According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, every person in the workforce should be able to perform his or her duties without fear of harassing behavior.

The EEOC explains that treating one person differently than another in any way because they may be gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, female or male is quite simply illegal. It is also against the law to create a work environment in which another person feels unsafe or harrassed. This might even include making deragatory comments about a group of people based upon gender or sexual orientation. The comments do not have to be directed toward a specific individual.

Coach accuses school of breaching conract

When many people in Florida think about lawsuits involving allegations of a breach of contract, they may mostly think about such issues happening between two businesses. This can certainly happen and does much of the time. However, many contracts are between individuals and businesses or even other entities. These agreements can also be the source of conflict down the road.

An example of a breach of contract conflict can be seen in a case involving a higher education institute and a former employee. The school, Florida A&M, had hired a man to be the coach of its basketball team. The original contract is said to have lasted for four years. However, the university cancelled the agreement after three seasons citing convenience as the reason. An initial complaint against the cancellation resulted in a decision in favor of the university. 

Harassment allegations lead to new training

Florida businesses are tasked with providing safe work environments for their employees. This safety goes beyond protecting people against physical injuries from falls or other dangers and includes ensuring people feel comfortable and are not harassed by or discriminated against by their colleagues, supervisors or others.

Laws governing sexual harassment in the workplace extend beyond the private sector to the public sector as well. This includes public school districts. However, as one school district recently learned, there is a need to make sure that all policies clearly identify processes and expectations for non-staff members in addition to paid employees. A board member with the Brevard public school district was accused of making inappropriate advances to an employee of the district.

Subsidiary and parent company mergers

Businesses in Florida may choose to merge with, acquire or be acquired by other companies in many situations. However, these mergers do not always have to happen between totally distinct organizations. In fact, many times companies with subsidiaries may choose to initiate mergers involving these subsidiaries and the parent companies.

The Florida Statutes explains that some mergers between parent corporations and their wholly owned subsidiaries may not even require the vote or approval of shareholders. One of the factors that may influence whether or not such a vote is needed is what the articles of incorporation will be for the newly formed and merged company. If these are not to be different from the original parent company's articles of incorporation, the vote may be able to be avoided.

Insurance policy contracts worth reviewing

As Florida residents work to clean up their homes, yards and streets after the recent hurricane activity, Florida business or commercial building owners are also aggressively trying to get their businesses back on track. The financial lossess associated with property damage as well as lost business may not fully be known for some time. It is important that people carefully review their insurance policy contracts.

Reports indicate that within a mere nine days of the strike of hurricane Irma, nearly 500,000 claims for lossess had been filed. In all, these claims total over $3 billion. More than 18,000 of the claims were made by businesses and it is not known how many more may yet be to come.

Agreement made for 2015 sexual harassment lawsuit

People who work in Florida or who may even work in other states for companies based in Florida show know that their rights will be appropriately protected when on the job. If this does not happen, they should then feel that there is hope of finding justice and even compensation for any damage they experience

A woman from Arizona today may feel that while her rights were originally violated, she ultimately found some form of justice. The woman had been employed at a prison in Arizona that was owned and operated by a company based in Boca Raton, Florida. During her tenure at the prison, the woman was not only sexually harassed by others at the facility but alleges that the company allowed such harassment to take place and to continue.

The law of unfair competition

Running a business in Florida can be rewarding, but will also most likely come with unique stresses and difficulties. It is often hard enough to keep your company profitable without other businesses making it even more difficult to reach your goals. If you feel that you have been affected by someone else who has violated the law of unfair competition, you may need professional legal help. We at the Law Offices of Levi Williams can fight for your rights and ensure that you get the compensation and representation you deserve.

One of the first steps will be understanding what qualifies as unfair competition. According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute, there are some aspects of this topic that are governed by federal laws and others that are left to the discretion of individual states. The federal government will be responsible for handling any unauthorized use of copyrights or trademarks. False advertising may also fall under the jurisdiction of federal judges.

What's a reverse merger?

Florida business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs may be interested in the idea of merging businesses. The term "reverse merger" may eventually come up, but what exactly is a reverse merger? How will you know if it's right for you and your future business aspirations and goals?

Investopedia defines a reverse merger as a move where a private company will take on most shares of a public company. The public company will then be merged with the private. In this process, the private entity will also become a public one.

What is a general warranty deed?

Even with the recent slight rise in interest rates, the economy is remaining strong and that is reflected in part by a relatively stable and strong housing market in Florida. If you are considering now to be your time to buy or sell a home or other piece of real estate, you should take the time to learn that there are different types of deeds out there and you will want to know what is involved in them before you proceed too far.

Perhaps the most commonly used type of deed in home sales is the general warranty deed. The Balance explains that the general warranty deed comes with four primary covenants. These include the covenant of further assurance, the covenant against encumbrances, the covenant of quiet enjoyment and the covenant of seisin. Put together, these four covenants give a buyer perhaps the most protection they can have.

The elements of a breach of contract claim

When a Florida employee or business promises to do something, you are inclined to expect that it will be done. If it is not completed, the results can sometimes be damaging and often cause you to lose money. If this has happened to you, you may be wondering whether you should file a breach of contract claim. We at the Law Offices of Levi Williams have provided this guide to help you determine if your situation has all the elements necessary for this type of case.

According to Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute, the first step is to determine whether or not there was in fact a valid contract. If you were promised something in a verbal contract, it may be more difficult to prove than if it is written on paper.


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