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What should be included in an employment contract?

If you are entering into negotiations related to an employment contract in Florida, it is important for you to understand the range of topics that your contract may include. A contract for employment can go a lot farther than simply stipulating that a specific company is going to hire a specific person.

What should a construction warranty include?

Florida construction companies and independent contractors enjoy the ability to work unencumbered all year long thanks to the sunny and warm weather in the state. This freedom should not, however, make businesses feel as though they need not worry about small details in their contracts because they are focused on getting to the next job. Every little detail can matter a lot. If you are ironing out a contract with a client, one area that you should pay particular attention to is the warranty section.

State and nonprofit organization in contract dispute

Florida business owners and executives know that contracts entered into with other entities can be very complex. In many situations, these complexities are not always fully realized or understood until a conflict arises. It can be interesting to see how a single contract can be interpreted differently by the parties at these times.

The power of contracts

Business contracts are packed with provisions that detail the specific obligations of all parties involved. It is easy for companies in Florida, however, to misinterpret legal jargon, but what is the cost of completely disregarding a prior agreement?

Construction contract pitfalls to avoid

If you are in the construction industry in Florida, you know the importance of contracts in your business. Whether you are a builder, general contractor or subcontractor specialist, your construction contracts can have a significant impact on your bottom line. This impact can be positive or negative based upon how your contracts are set up or worded. There are several pitfalls you should be aware of before ever signing on the dotted line.

Two executives sued after leaving company

Florida companies frequently utilize employment contracts, especially with people in executive leadership positions, in order to protect their business interests. When those who have intimate knowledge of a business' strategy, pricing and other sensitive information improperly use it, companies may need to take action.

Jury award made despite lack of valid contract

Florida residents who enter into legal contracts understandably want to know that the law will protect them if the provisions of those contracts are ever broken. This is important regardless of the dollar value associated with the contracts. Financial implications are just one component to contract law as principles and ethics are also involved.

Physician alleges contract terms breached

Many Florida businesses routinely enter into contracts with other companies or even individuals in the course of performing their essential duties. Such contracts can include large corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships and smaller corporations or LLCs. Regardless of the parties involved, the importance of the legal ramifications of the terms of contracts still stands. When one party fails to live up to the stipulations of a contract, the other party may institute actions to rectify the situation.

Understanding easements

Residential and commercial property owners in Florida may find it necessary to access property owned by someone else for certain reasons. When this is due to the ability to access another place or a public road, an easement may be granted or created. As explained by the University of Florida, easements provide a landowner the benefit of use but do not provide any financial benefit.

Types of contracts for home builders

If you are a home builder in Florida, figuring out the best way to structure your customer contracts is an essential part of running your business efficiently and profitably. There are many different types of contracts from which you can choose. Each one has its own set of pros and cons. Understanding these pros and cons is important so that you can make the choice as to which one is right for you. You may even choose to use different types of contracts for different jobs.


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