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How do employers pay tipped workers in Florida?

If you are one of the many establishments in Florida whose employees rely on regular tips as part of their wages, minimum wage laws apply differently to you. Restaurant servers, bartenders, parking valets and others in professions that traditionally receive tips can be subject to a tip credit. This means you can pay your employees less than the usual minimum wage of $8.25, although you will need to be careful to follow the rule to the letter, or you may face wage violation accusations.

Understanding hostile workplace environment

At the Law Offices of Levi Williams PA in Florida, we know that your workplace often can be a stressful place. It is full of people, and people do not always get along. Some even go so far as to harass their coworkers in subtle or not-so-subtle ways. But whether this harassment rises to the level of a hostile workplace environment is a complicated question.

Can you be fired for being pregnant?

If you are a Florida woman who is thinking about becoming pregnant or already is, it probably never crossed your mind that you might lose your job because of your pregnancy. But before you laugh at the possibility of such a thing happening in 2018, consider the recent case of a Louisiana Walmart worker.

What emotional effects can sexual harassment cause?

As you may know, being in a toxic work environment can affect your work performance and, in some cases, might make you fear for your job. Sexual harassment is a particularly insidious way a job can go from pleasant to unbearable, but you and other Floridians who have been sexually harassed may not realize the true emotional and psychological damage until months or years later.

Is a non-compete clause stifling your competitive edge?

If you are a Florida employee who hopes to stay competitive in your field, you might consider reviewing any non-compete clauses in your employment contract. The Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law outlines the basic premises of non-compete agreements, providing a foundation of understanding for Florida workers.

Restaurant company ordered to take corrective action

Most employees and employers in Florida should know that federal law strictly prohibits discrimination against potential and current workers based on a variety of factors. These include gender, sexual orientation, religious preference, disability and more. Age is another factor considered here and any act that may be found a way of discriminating against job candidates or employees who are 40 years old or greater directly violates the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Types of age discrimination in the workplace

Florida residents and business owners alike need to understand the various laws and ways to ensure that a workplace appropriately treats every worker fairly. While it may be commonly known that sexual harassment or discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation or religious belief is illegal, some people may not know about the laws that protect older workers against discrimination based solely on their age.

Can sexual harassment involve LGBTQ people?

If you have been in the workforce either as an employee or an employer in Florida for any length of time, you know that there are strong laws against sexual harassment at work. There may well have been a time when these laws were intended to protect female workers against alleged male perpetrators predominately but today, the scope of these laws is definitely much broader. According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, every person in the workforce should be able to perform his or her duties without fear of harassing behavior.

Harassment allegations lead to new training

Florida businesses are tasked with providing safe work environments for their employees. This safety goes beyond protecting people against physical injuries from falls or other dangers and includes ensuring people feel comfortable and are not harassed by or discriminated against by their colleagues, supervisors or others.

Agreement made for 2015 sexual harassment lawsuit

People who work in Florida or who may even work in other states for companies based in Florida show know that their rights will be appropriately protected when on the job. If this does not happen, they should then feel that there is hope of finding justice and even compensation for any damage they experience


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