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What exactly is considered sexual harassment?

The concept of sexual harassment in the workplace is not anything new to most people in Florida. Much has been said and heard about this topic for several decades. However, sexual harassment can still be somewhat misunderstood even today. This is because what can constitute sexual harassment is not always as clearly defined as many people may think. Some may believe that sexual harassment is when one person makes overt sexual advances toward another person at work. While this may be one form of sexual harassment it is far from the only thing that comes under the sexual harassment umbrella.

DOJ reversal: LGBT employees are not protected

A recent change in the position being taken by the Department of Justice could leave some Florida employees vulnerable to termination. As Business Insider reports, the DOJ has filed a briefing arguing that sexual orientation is not protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects against workplace discrimination.

Nondisclosure and noncompete agreements

While not every employed person in Florida has an official employment contract, it is not unusual for a person to be asked to sign individual contracts with very specific provisions or protections for the employer. Two types of these contracts are nondisclosure agreements and noncompete agreements.

Man given deferred sentence for sexual harassment

Florida employers and employees alike should be familiar with the state's laws on sexual harassment in the workplace. Some of the laws that govern such behavior or alleged behavior are federal and apply to federal employees as well as those employees in the private sector. A man who is 51 years old and had previously been employed by the United States National Park Service has experienced this firsthand. 

Sexual harassment training for emloyees and managers

Florida employers who are covered under the Florida Civil Rights Act not only need to be aware of the state's laws surrounding sexual harassment at work but also need to focus on training their employees and managers about this issue. As explained by BLR, the Florida Civil Rights Act pertains to any business with more than 14 employees. This may be in either the public or the private sector. 

Misogynistic culture cited in gender discrimination claim

Florida employers know that they are bound by law to treat all employees fairly. Discrimination based upon gender, age, sexual orientation, age or other factors is expressely forbidden and may expose companies to legal liability. Allegations surrounding these types of things may take many forms, making each and every case truly unique.

Is workplace bullying a problem at your company?

If you're like most people in Florida, you may well have experienced or witnessed some form of bullying as a kid. Even if simply name calling and nothing more, this can and does happen. In fact, bullying is not limited only to the school yard but can and does happen in the workplace as well. When it does happen, everyone in an organization and the organization itself may suffer.

Job hiring discrimination laws

If you are one of the many professionals in Florida who is involved in recruiting people for jobs,  you will want to understand the legalities involved in this process. Whether you are a hiring managers, professional recruiter or human resources professional, these laws will impact you. From the verbiage used in job ads to discussions during interviews, the law governs what is legal and what is not.

Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act

Whether you are an employer or an employee in Florida, it is important for you to understand some of the basic laws governing your employment relationships. Many laws are designed specifically to protect employee rights and understanding what exactly is and is not required is important in the event that a dispute arises.

Woman says she was fired for reporting illegal activity

When entering into an employment situation, Florida employers and employees alike must both be held to certain standards regarding conduct and expectations. Either party may at any time believe that the other party has done wrong and not fulfilled their agreements. In some cases, concerns about not following the law may even arise. When this happens, legal action might ensue.


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