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How can I succeed with a merger?

There are any number of reasons that may lead a business owner or executive to pursue a merger with another company in Florida. Mergers and acquisitions may well provide just what a company needs to not only remain competitive but to leapfrog the competition. A deal may also be the only way in which a particular company can actually stay in business. Whatever the reason, there are certain things that company leaders should know and be aware of in order to ensure success with their mergers.

Recent merger expands reach of broker business

Florida businesses that merge with other companies or that may fully acquire other operations can do so for a variety of reasons. In some instances, a merger or an acquisition can be pursued as a response to increasing competitive pressure. There are simply some times when buying out a competitor or joining forces with them is more advantageous especially when a clear competitive advantage cannot be achieved. 

Retailer merger leads to other business sale

Florida businesses that engage in mergers or acquisitions often may get involved in such deals after or because other transactions have already been initiated. With so many businesses being intertwined today, this is simply a reality of the marketplace. Similarly, many companies operate in multiple states which can broaden the reach of any merger or sale of a business.

Florida may seen grocery store merger

Florida residents have good reason to be interested in some of the inner workings of their local grocery stores as such things can impact their selections and the prices they pay for food. More and more, the grocery industry has been experiencing consolidation among large companies in part to remain competitive and manage ongoing transportation challenges and legislation. 

Aerospace merger passes shareholder vote

When a Florida business wants to merge with another business, there may be many steps involved before the final deal can be approved and the newly formed company can move forward. If a company is publicly traded, one of these steps may involve a vote of the shareholders.

Tips on creating culture after a merger

Is your Florida company considering a strategic merger or acquisition? Whether your business is purchasing another or being purchased by a different company, there are some concrete steps that must be taken in order to ensure success in this type of venture. Certainly this will require very detailed contracts and financial plans but there is more to it than that. Your business is made up of people and it is essential that people are taken care of properly through this type of process.

How do I know if a merger is good for me as an employee?

Are you working for a company in Florida that is merging with another business? Whether your new company will be based in Florida or include operations in other states, you no doubt have some questions about what to expect after the merger is complete. You might also be wondering how secure your job is going forward. Even if your job is not in jeopardy of being cut due to a merger, you will want to watch out for some changes that might warrant you looking for a new job.

Company culture and merger success

As a Florida business person, have you often wondered what makes one business merger highly successful while the next one fails? In fact, Forbes indicates that it is not simply one failed merger for one successful merger that you may see. A whopping 83 percent of mergers are said to actually fail. Just what might make this be the case?

Central Florida may see credit union merger

When two businesses in Florida merge or one company acquires another, many people may have questions about what to expect. For example, it is logical for employees at both companies to wonder if their jobs will be retained or how their job responsibilities may change. It is also understandable for clients or customers to want to learn about any changes to their services or the products that they purchase or use from one of the affected companies.

Regulatory review of merger under discussion

Florida residents are quite used to mergers of large companies happening as they seem to take place quite frequently. These mergers or acquisitions also happen across virtually any type of industry. Some may involve companies only in Florida while others may involve companies that operate on a national level. Different mergers are subject to different types of reviews and approvals.


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