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The pros and cons of business arbitration

Arbitration can be a useful tool for business owners hoping to avoid litigation to resolve a dispute. At the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., our goal is to assist Florida businesses in running smoothly and avoiding costly litigation. While we know that arbitration can serve a valuable purpose, we also know that, like other tools of law, there are negative as well as positive aspects to this dispute resolution method. You may be interested in learning about the different arbitration pros and cons.

Identifying unfair competition as it occurs

Floridian business owners have a lot of hurdles to clear in order to have a successful, sustainable business. While a lot of those hurdles are to be expected for anyone journeying into entrepreneurship or self-employment, some issues are unexpected, like unfair competition from an opposing business.

Litigation and disputes involving business partners

For some businesses, partnerships play a central role in the success of the establishment. There are many reasons why people may decide to move forward with a partnership, and this can offer a number of advantages. However, it can also lead to complications, especially when a dispute arises. In some instances, these disagreements can even result in litigation, which can be incredibly costly and time-consuming. If you have found yourself in the middle of a lawsuit which involves a business partner, it is vital to pinpoint the correct course of action.

Florida law addresses businesses that boycott Israel

Consumers boycott businesses for many reasons, most of which are based on moral or political reasons. It is also possible for businesses to boycott other businesses or industries for the same reasons. However, in some cases, boycotting may qualify as bigotry or discrimination, especially when the boycott affects a specific race, practice or group of people in a discriminatory way. A relatively new Florida law is one of the first in the country to address businesses’ discriminatory boycotting of Israel.

Boot manufacturers take patent dispute to court

When a particular product is popular in Florida, or elsewhere in the country, other manufacturers may try to copy it in an attempt to capitalize on another's success. If the copy is too close, however, it can result in an intellectual property dispute. Such a dispute recently arose between rival boot manufacturers in a case that went to trial over the summer.

What are some deceptive trade practices?

Floridian residents should be aware of deceptive trade practices. What are they? How do they impact you? Is there anything that can be done if you have fallen victim to deceptive trade practices? What if you find out that a company you work for is employing these tactics?

What is a business injunction?

Many Florida residents associate restraining orders with the need to protect a person from physical harm by a partner or stalker. It is less commonly known that restraining orders can also be served for business purposes. Whether your company is served a restraining order by a government agency or the public, or you file an injunction against another company to protect your business, it is important for you and other business owners to understand what exactly business injunctions and restraining orders entail.

A primer on patents

Whether you have a groundbreaking idea that still needs to be developed or your business team is creating new technology or medication to benefit consumers, you will need to protect your product, invention or idea from competitors who might take credit for your hard work. At the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we are prepared to answer the questions of Florida inventors and businesspeople regarding patents.

Understanding fair use law

We at the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., have discussed copyright law numerous times in this blog. However, you and other Florida business owners may wonder how fair use applies to copyrighted work. It is important to understand this complex and often confusing aspect of business law, since you might become involved in a business dispute even for unwittingly violating someone else’s copyright.

Florida pharmaceutical company facing lawsuits

Residents of Florida and elsewhere depend on drug companies to make safe, reliable and effective medications to treat their illnesses or symptoms. Unfortunately, not all medications are created safely. When a drug is contaminated or manufactured improperly, consumers can suffer greatly.


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