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What is workers’ compensation retaliation?

As a Florida business owner, you do your best to ensure your employees are happy and treated fairly. One of the benefits employees can utilize when necessary, as you know, is workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp benefits you by preventing an employee from suing you after a job-related injury. However, your insurance premiums are likely to increase when members of your staff are hurt on the job.

Not just college: workplace hazing is a real issue

If you think you left bullying and hazing behind in high school and college, think again. Many people never grow out of that bullying mentality. At the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we understand that bullying in the workplace not only affects the productivity and morale of employees, it can also present legal problems for Florida business owners.

What is an adverse employment action?

When you work in Florida or anywhere else in the United States, federal law prohibits your employer from firing you or retaliating against you in any way whatsoever if and when you report workplace discrimination to your supervisor and/or to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As the EEOC explains, any act on your employer’s part that would inhibit you or your co-workers from reporting discrimination constitutes a prohibited adverse employment action

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act?

Floridian residents like you work hard every day at your jobs. However, there are some unavoidable situations in which it becomes temporarily impossible for you to continue working. This is where the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, comes into play. But just what is this act?

What is reasonable accommodation for disabled workers?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal law that protects Florida’s disabled workers by requiring employers to make “reasonable” accommodations for them. That word can be subjective to varying degrees, as is the term “disabled.”

Fast food workers file EEOC complaints

People in Florida who work for other individuals or company likely know that there are laws designed to ensure that everyone is able to do their jobs in a safe environment. This does not only mean that hazards that may result in physical accidents are addressed but it also means that people should be able to go to work every day and be treated with respect by their colleagues and their superiors. 

How do employers pay tipped workers in Florida?

If you are one of the many establishments in Florida whose employees rely on regular tips as part of their wages, minimum wage laws apply differently to you. Restaurant servers, bartenders, parking valets and others in professions that traditionally receive tips can be subject to a tip credit. This means you can pay your employees less than the usual minimum wage of $8.25, although you will need to be careful to follow the rule to the letter, or you may face wage violation accusations.

Understanding hostile workplace environment

At the Law Offices of Levi Williams PA in Florida, we know that your workplace often can be a stressful place. It is full of people, and people do not always get along. Some even go so far as to harass their coworkers in subtle or not-so-subtle ways. But whether this harassment rises to the level of a hostile workplace environment is a complicated question.

Can you be fired for being pregnant?

If you are a Florida woman who is thinking about becoming pregnant or already is, it probably never crossed your mind that you might lose your job because of your pregnancy. But before you laugh at the possibility of such a thing happening in 2018, consider the recent case of a Louisiana Walmart worker.

What emotional effects can sexual harassment cause?

As you may know, being in a toxic work environment can affect your work performance and, in some cases, might make you fear for your job. Sexual harassment is a particularly insidious way a job can go from pleasant to unbearable, but you and other Floridians who have been sexually harassed may not realize the true emotional and psychological damage until months or years later.


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