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Florida-based educational start-up wants to make video game

When entrepreneurs have an idea that they truly believe will take off, they may take the first step towards launching a successful start-up company. In the electronic age, there are an abundance of opportunities that some people are able to take advantage of. However, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, any new business start-up should make sure they thoroughly research the ins and outs of business formation, such as investors, licensing, regulatory compliance and other legal considerations.

Florida life sciences community paving the way for start-ups

Although there are a number of hurdles that those who are planning on starting a business in any field may have to face, some industries can be particularly complex. On top of presenting numerous industry-specific challenges, some of these businesses can be more expensive to launch than others. However, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, successful business formation can benefit both entrepreneurs and the local community. As a result, anyone who is planning on launching a company should thoroughly review their plans and look forward to pursuing their ambitions.

Florida investor aims to draw start-up companies

There are a number of things that start-up companies have to evaluate when they decide where, when and how to launch their company. On top of figuring out which part of town is ideal, they could have to determine the best time of year to get started. However, for a start-up business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there are numerous legal considerations that should not be ignored. Whether a start-up has to deal with estate purchases, licensing or regulatory compliance, it is imperative to take the right approach.

Urban start-up trend seen in Florida

There are an almost overwhelming number of considerations to focus on when it comes to business formation, but determining the location of a company is one of the most important. Location will impact a business in many ways, such as contributing to their brand image, determining the potential pool of local employees and affecting the financial aspects of doing business (taxes, costs, government incentives and more). For example, if someone wants to launch a company in Fort Lauderdale, they should review the laws in Florida and evaluate the local community.

Florida start-up aims to capitalize on energy efficiency

When it comes to business formation, there are a variety of smart strategies to consider. However, it has become increasingly popular (and profitable) to launch a business that is environmentally conscious. If you operate a business in Fort Lauderdale, you may be interested in finding out how other Floridians are taking advantage of these trends.

Local brewery acquires natural energy company in prep for growth

It is not uncommon for one business in Fort Lauderdale, or some other U.S. city, to purchase or take over another, particularly when the business that made the acquisition is growing. While in some situations this may be in order to eliminate a competing business, in others it may be in order to expand or enhance their operations.


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