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Urban start-up trend seen in Florida

There are an almost overwhelming number of considerations to focus on when it comes to business formation, but determining the location of a company is one of the most important. Location will impact a business in many ways, such as contributing to their brand image, determining the potential pool of local employees and affecting the financial aspects of doing business (taxes, costs, government incentives and more). For example, if someone wants to launch a company in Fort Lauderdale, they should review the laws in Florida and evaluate the local community.

CEO excited about merging with Florida retirement community

Acquiring a new business can bring a great deal of excitement and lucrative opportunity. However, it is imperative for firms to thoroughly analyze the ins and outs of a transaction before buying a company. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, a number of businesses have capitalized on the perks that mergers and acquisitions can offer. In order to maximize the benefits of these deals, it is crucial to closely review business goals and do everything possible to ensure a smooth transaction.

Mobile payment provider buys Florida start-up

Although it certainly isn't always easy to build a highly successful start-up company, the benefits of doing so are often impressive. If you pay attention to business news headlines in Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Florida, you probably won't be surprised to read about another notable buyout. However, when it comes to business formation and acquisitions there are a number of legal issues that business owners should pay attention to, such as documentation, initial development and human resources matters.

2013 brought an increase in the number of Florida mergers

From a small business merger to the friendly acquisition of a major corporation, takeovers can take a number of forms. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, many businesses are taking advantage of the perks of buying a company. However, before moving forward with an acquisition, it is imperative to approach the process properly with comprehensive planning. When solid business goals are established and an effective plan is implemented, mergers and acquisitions are a great way to grow.

Florida bank grows considerably after acquisition

There are a number of strategies that businesses employ to ensure growth, such as following trends and ensuring high-quality service that brings customers back. Plus, some businesses in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the state also take advantage of the numerous benefits that acquiring another company can provide. However, there are many things that a business should focus on when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, from legal considerations to existing facilities and financial obligations.

New football facility at center of business dispute

When millions of dollars are at stake in the building of a new facility, the parties involved may enter into a contract. This contract states expectations up front for any business involved in the planning, development and building of the new facility. If one party doesn’t hold up their end of the agreement, they may be taken to court to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the results. At this point, a judge or jury in Florida or any other state may decide which end of the contract should be upheld.

Litigation halts construction of Florida building

There are a number of hurdles that can interrupt business, such as lack of funding or a breach of contract. However, business litigation is another issue that some Miami companies have to deal with. There are a variety of reasons why lawsuits are filed and legal action can have a devastating impact on a business, regardless of the cause. As a result, it is important for any business owner dealing with this issue to make sure they understand their options and the best way to move forward.

Florida start-up aims to capitalize on energy efficiency

When it comes to business formation, there are a variety of smart strategies to consider. However, it has become increasingly popular (and profitable) to launch a business that is environmentally conscious. If you operate a business in Fort Lauderdale, you may be interested in finding out how other Floridians are taking advantage of these trends.

Local brewery acquires natural energy company in prep for growth

It is not uncommon for one business in Fort Lauderdale, or some other U.S. city, to purchase or take over another, particularly when the business that made the acquisition is growing. While in some situations this may be in order to eliminate a competing business, in others it may be in order to expand or enhance their operations.

Investors suing Donald Trump over Florida property development

There are hundreds of business deals and transactions made every day around the country, including many in Fort Lauderdale. Many times these deals are consummated without a hitch. However, not all business deals are what they seem. It’s important for a person to know exactly what they are getting into when they enter into any business transactions.


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