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Judge sides with naughty puppets in movie lawsuit

Intellectual property is a complex area of law. Some entrepreneurs may not realize they are committing copyright infringement if they create a logo or catchphrase that closely resembles another company’s protected trademark. Others may use intellectual property in the form of music lyrics, novel excerpts and phrases without the original owner’s permission. Florida business owners should understand that copyright infringement can have a detrimental impact against the copyright owner if it deceives consumers into thinking the infringing company is affiliated with the original company or that its products are the genuine thing.

Animals cannot sue for copyright infringement, appeals judge says

Under copyright law, those who write stories and music, create art and take photographs own the legal rights to the work they have created unless they enter a contract to sign over their rights to another party. What if an animal creates a work of art or takes a picture? Florida residents may be interested to hear about a case involving a monkey that took a selfie and ended up being the subject of a copyright lawsuit over the picture he took.

Do I need to register my copyright?

As a Florida artist, composer, author, photographer, software developer, architect, etc., you know or should know that in order to protect your intellectual property from theft or unauthorized use by others, you must copyright your creations. The U.S. Copyright Office cautions, however, that in order to fully protect your creations, you must register your copyrights

Understanding deceptive trade practices

Florida residents who feel they have been misled by false claims, disinformation or other misleading practices of a retailer or manufacturer may wish to consider filing a lawsuit against that business for deceptive trade practices. As FindLaw explains, under Florida’s Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Act, consumers can bring such an action if they have been damaged, financially or otherwise, by a business that engaged in false advertising, false labeling, or the making of outrageously inaccurate claims and/or promises about their product.

Taking your business to the world

Florida business owners interested in a share of the global market will want to do their homework before taking a leap into international trade. The intricacies of international business law can trip up the best of us, but at The Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we have successfully assisted entrepreneurs in understanding and addressing the nuances of a global marketplace. 

Patent infringement: what Florida entrepreneurs should know

Innovative Florida entrepreneurs might design and patent products that competitors buy and include in their branded offerings. Expectations for the competing brands to pay licensing fees are par for the course in the corporate world, but collecting those fees and avoiding infringement can be a tricky business. 

International business: a lesson in culture

In a 21st century marketplace that has expanded to include every corner of the globe, what do Florida business owners need to know about international business disputes? After all, they cannot be so different from disagreements with American partners, can they?

What are some issues typically handled with business litigation?

Business litigation in Florida is often a way for conflicts between large businesses, or between businesses and non-corporate entities, to find a standardized and independently mediated resolution. After negotiations break down, businesses might pursue this legal option if it is available. The courts certainly do not go about adjudicating upon each and every commercial dispute that happens in the state. Please continue reading for a discussion of some of the criteria for this type of legal action.

What is deceptive advertising?

As you may already know, advertising is an important part of your business. Without getting the word out, your potential customers would have few ways of knowing about your products and services. They would also not be informed of any specials or sales without your advertising. Fortunately, the modern world gives you and other Florida business owners a wide range of creative advertising options, from television and radio commercials to ads on social media and mobile device aps. Your opportunities to reach a huge audience are almost limitless, but you should also understand that it can be easy to fall into the trap of deceptive advertising.


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