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The law of unfair competition

Running a business in Florida can be rewarding, but will also most likely come with unique stresses and difficulties. It is often hard enough to keep your company profitable without other businesses making it even more difficult to reach your goals. If you feel that you have been affected by someone else who has violated the law of unfair competition, you may need professional legal help. We at the Law Offices of Levi Williams can fight for your rights and ensure that you get the compensation and representation you deserve.

Protecting your trade secrets

Your company has no doubt dedicated a good deal of resources to developing those practices and products that distinguish you from your competition in Fort Lauderdale. To have those leaked to competitors could be a potentially devastating blow to your business. Most of the corporate clients that we here at The Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A. have worked with in the past have seen such leaks occur when former employers have left their organizations. You may have a non-disclosure agreement that prevents employees from sharing your trade secrets, yet have you truly aware of what qualifies as such? And if such secrets did get out, what can you do to stop their proliferation?

Casino games at heart of contract dispute

Many contracts are entered into by Florida businesses everyday. However, it is not only private businesses that look to legal contracts to protect their interests. The state also engages in contract negotiations with many different types of organizations. Sometimes, disputes arise surrounding these contracts just like those between two private business entities.

Franchisee wins breach of contract case

The importance of having business agreements in legally binding written contracts cannot be emphasized enough for Florida business owners. However, not every written contract is foolproof as it must be created properly and, of course, honored as written. Without these things, the opportunity for conflicts to arise always remains.

Battery companies in lawsuit over new packaging

In the fast-paced world of American commerce, businesses in Florida must continually compete and search for new ways to get ahead and, ideally, stay ahead, of the competition. There can be many positive sides to this but it can also give rise to additional headaches and problems that companies have to deal with. Competition can grow a market but it can also move into the realm of unfair. When this happens, legal battles between competitors may ensue.

Patents and venture capital funding for startups

For entrepreneurs in Florida wanting to get their new ideas and business ventures off the ground, finding ways to fund their operations can often be one of the biggest challenges. Quite frequently, the clock is ticking giving startups little time in which to prove their concepts successful or close their doors. Obtaining patents may well be one of the best ways that a startup can get the financial backing it needs to get through the startup phase.

Florida hospital to become part of new larger system

Health care is supposed to be first and foremost about taking care of the needs of patients. While this is still true, it is no doubt to anyone in Florida that health care is actually very big business in today's society. From insurance companies to individual practitioners to drug manufacturers and more, there is no shortage to the number of individuals and entities that profit from taking care of people.

Products liability: Who has the upper hand

Getting a product to market requires more than a savvy marketing team and generous research and development budget. Safety is also imperative, since it will be used by the average consumer. Therefore, it is important that the product be designed well, that any risks are clearly marked on the packaging and that there are no errors made during the production process. When a product is determined faulty, the question rises over who has the upper hand.

Software entrepreneur in lawsuit against computer chip company

Business owners and entrepreneurs in Florida are often considered about how to protect their intellectual property. This is not always an easy task, even with what seem to be clear and strict trademark infringement laws. Despite thes laws, disagreements between companies and individuals do arise and may sometimes lead to legal involvement and even lawsuits.

What do you need in a nondisclosure agreement?

If the company you own or work will be collaborating in some way with another company or individual, it may be necessary for you to share some sensitive information with the other party. Florida businesses do this all the time but they should never do it carelessly. There are many situations that logically warrant the sharing of business information but that also require that information to be protected in the process. This is exactly what a nondisclosure agreement allows.


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