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City claims breach of contract after helicopter crash, sues maker

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2013 | Contract Disputes

In Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere, it is very common for a business or organization to sign a sale contract with a company when they are making a major purchase. Contract drafting in these situations will often include the terms of payment in addition to specifics regarding the product or service that is being purchased. If the product is not delivered as specified or if payment is not made in accordance with the contract, it could result in a dispute between the two entities that made the agreement.

According to reports, in September of 2010 an air-sea rescue helicopter owned by the New York Police Department had to make a water landing in Jamaica Bay, destroying the helicopter and injuring some of the six detectives that were on board at the time of the incident. The crash was reportedly due to engine failure because of a mechanical defect.

Recently, the city of New York reportedly filed a lawsuit for breach of contract against Bell Helicopter Textron, the manufacturer of the helicopter. According to reports, the city claimed that the gear shaft on the aircraft, which had only been in use for nine months, was defective when the helicopter was delivered to the NYPD. The city purportedly asked for $12.4 million in damages in order to replace the aircraft that was destroyed.

Whether in a sale contract, or another business agreement, if you feel the other party has not upheld their end of the contract’s terms, it may be of benefit to consult with an attorney to discuss taking legal action. A lawyer will be able to explain your options and offer advice based on your situation.

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