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The Importance Of Government Relations

The government can be the most important factor in whether a business or individual endeavor succeeds or fails. The laws are changing constantly, and public policy can turn on a dime. Especially in the United States, good relations with the government can put individuals and entities in a position to have the positive legal influence needed for long-term success.

Fort Lauderdale government relations attorney Levi Williams has 30 years of legal experience helping individuals and business entities build positive, lasting relationships with various government agencies and municipalities. The Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., represents international and domestic clients in Florida and throughout the United States.

Attorney Levi Williams With Politicians

Attorney Williams has a wealth of experience representing corporate clients and individuals by serving as a:

  • Liaison: Attorney Williams serves as a liaison between public and private entities to facilitate a favorable outcome for his clients.
  • Government relations legal advisor: Attorney Williams educates and counsels clients on the various limitations and opportunities in the government realm and help them to efficiently and effectively analyze and navigate the various rules, regulations and laws that may apply.
  • Lobbyist: Attorney Williams lobbies for his constituents to help modify the law in his clients’ favor.
  • Contract lawyer: Attorney Williams represents clients in all aspects of the contractual negotiation, drafting and review in procurement contracts and other government contracts between municipalities or government agencies and private entities.
  • Litigator: Attorney Williams is an experienced litigator in conflicts between private entities and government agencies or municipalities. He has experience with government litigation involving hospitals, contract litigation between municipalities, slip-and-fall and other personal injury claims and employment law claims.

Efficient Legal Solutions

“For many businesses and individuals considering government relations representation, the main question is: ‘Can I afford it? Will it impact my bottom-line ROI enough to justify the costs?’ I know that these are some of the concerns that my clients bring to the table, so in every aspect of my work as a lawyer, I keep an eye on efficiency. It starts with taking the time to learn my client’s objectives and providing straightforward advice on the pros and cons of their options, and it continues with streamlined, strategic representation and the cost-effectiveness of working with a small, boutique firm.”Levi Williams, Attorney at Law

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