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Medical marijuana patient files suit against employer

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2014 | Employment Litigation |

There are a number of issues that businesses and their employees may disagree on, from allegations of sexual harassment to wrongful discharge. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, these incidents arise periodically and sometimes lead to both frustration and financial problems. Whether an employee violates a contract or a business fails to abide by employment law, it is important for those who are in this position to understand their legal options.

After he was suspended from his job and sent to rehabilitation, a medical marijuana patient filed suit against his employer, a New Jersey transit agency. The 57-year-old man has end stage renal failure and used to work for the company as a procurement clerk. However, after a fellow employee took over his position, he applied for another opening within the company, which required a drug test. He was let go after marijuana was found in his system.

An attorney for the medical marijuana patient claims that his employer failed to accommodate his disability, violated anti-discrimination law and mistreated the man. A spokesman for the company claims that the Department of Transportation does not permit employees to use medicinal marijuana and that workers in safety-sensitive positions who are required to undergo drug testing cannot use the substance.

For those who lack familiarity with the legal process, employment litigation may seem a bit confusing. However, there are strategies that people can take advantage of to not only simplify their experience, but increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. In addition to closely reviewing the case and relevant laws, talking to an experienced legal professional could be very helpful.

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