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Actors on popular TV show see pay raise after contract dispute

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2014 | Contract Disputes

Smart business owners understand the importance of handling contracts properly. Solid negotiation and drafting of business contracts can help ensure that all parties are satisfied and prevent costly problems from arising later on. Unfortunately, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and throughout the country, companies may have to deal with a breach of contract or other type of contract dispute that results in litigation. Any business in this position should make sure they conduct thorough contract review and do everything they can to minimize the impact of litigation.

Production of the popular television show “The Big Bang Theory” was delayed after a contract dispute involving cast members arose. Three of the show’s successful actors were looking for a pay raise, which they will receive once they start working on the show’s upcoming season. The trio will soon sign three-year deals worth roughly $1 million per episode.

Last year, “The Big Bang Theory” was the most-viewed show on TV, averaging 23 million viewers over the course of the season. Because of the show’s popularity, the three actors will also reportedly have development deals and a greater portion of syndication sales under the new contracts. Some of their co-stars are also hoping to earn more each episode and sign more lucrative deals. Production is expected to resume soon.

Whether an issue arises involving a real estate contract or a corporate contract, it is imperative for people who are dealing with this to take the best approach. On top of closely assessing their options, many business owners talk to an attorney for assistance in evaluating their contracts and preparing for court.

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