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Social media company sued over alleged discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2014 | Business Litigation

Employment litigation cases take many forms, whether they involve sexual harassment, wrongful discharge or another violation of employment law. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, people who are trying to move forward after experiencing these problems may consider filing a lawsuit. In some cases, companies want to protect themselves from baseless lawsuits that can wreak havoc, while other cases involve employees who were truly mistreated.

A 57-year-old man who used to work for a popular social media company recently filed a lawsuit against the firm after claiming they fired him because he was too old. The company released a statement saying they will defend themselves and fight the meritless suit. However, the former employee says that while his work saved the company millions and he met their performance standards, he was let go for employees who were far younger than him.

Furthermore, his lawsuit alleges that one of his supervisors made a comment pertaining to his age while he was fired and that he was dismissed one month after he had undergone kidney stone surgery. According to the man’s attorney, he was not able to reach an agreement with the social media firm outside of the courtroom in the months before he filed suit.

Anyone who is dealing with employment litigation should evaluate the ins and outs of their case in order to put their best foot forward in court. Approaching the legal system may be stressful for some, especially for those who are in this position. As a result, many people turn to a legal professional for helpful assistance and are able to take the best course of action.

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