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Dispute over Florida employment contract ends

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Contract Disputes

When businesses write contracts, it is imperative for them to ensure that the contracts provide the protection their company needs. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida, any business owner who is planning on putting together a contract should do everything they can to guarantee that those involved are pleased with the outcome, which can reduce the likelihood of a breach. From contract drafting to review, it is imperative to approach every step of the process appropriately.

After months of battling over an employment contract, a contract dispute between city administrators and a Florida firefighters’ union recently came to an end. However, the union was unsuccessful in its attempt to provide members with the right to have their case heard by a third party in the event of disciplinary action.

According to a lawyer who represents the firefighters’ union, the employment contract has been very expensive for the city of Palm Coast, which has lost up to 40 firefighters in recent years. The union’s attorney also claimed that many workers have been unhappy with a lack of job security that is found in nearby fire departments.

Contract litigation can be difficult for any business, which is why companies should always strive to put together solid contracts that take everyone’s needs into account. By carefully approaching the process and covering every base, expensive mistakes that may lead to legal challenges can be avoided. Once an effective contract is in place, companies can enjoy the benefits that mutually beneficial business contracts provide. Whether you are preparing to write a contract or are dealing with legal issues over an existing contract, you may find value in contacting an experienced attorney.

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