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Florida start-up secures $542 million

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Business Formation & Planning

Business formation may present a variety of risks, but a start-up company can also take advantage of incredible growth and profit when things go as planned. Preventing each and every setback is not always possible, but entrepreneurs in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida who thoroughly prepare and take every scenario into account are more likely to enjoy the benefits that come with launching a successful start-up business.

A start-up company that specializes in virtual technology recently raised $542 million in funding. Investors believe the technology, which lets virtual objects appear on the screens of devices such as tablets and smartphones, has significant potential. On top of Google, the company now has the backing of Qualcomm Ventures, among other investors. Qualcomm did not reveal how much they have invested in the start-up.

The Dania Beach-based company’s funding is so significant that it stands out as one of the most notable fundraising efforts by a tech start-up in recent memory. The start-up’s founder also co-founded a company that produced technology used in robotic orthopedic surgery, which was recently sold for $1.65 billion.

Moving forward with a business start-up sometimes requires tackling a number of challenges. For example, there are many things that entrepreneurs may have to take into consideration, such as licensing, estate purchases and regulatory compliance. Additionally, it is very important for business owners to do everything they can to prevent legal complications and approach the legal process properly if any problems arise. Anyone who needs assistance with these issues may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney.

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