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New OneBlood company to serve most of Florida

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2015 | Mergers & Acquisitions |

Florida businesses sometimes engage in mergers or acquisitions as a way of saving themselves when in trouble. Some mergers are the result of one company’s competitive advancement strategy by acquiring a new business that had been a competitor. In other situations, a merger can be an effective part of a corporate strategy to enhance overall operations. This is true of for-profit businesses as well as those that operate in the non-profit space.

A new merger has been approved and the transition is underway for two large blood banks serving most of Florida and some areas in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. OneBlood was formed in 2012 when three smaller blood banks were merged. The business goals now have led to OneBlood merging with The Blood Alliance. The new business will operate under the OneBlood name.

Reports indicate that the decision to bring these two entities together were the business goals of being able to better serve the needs of their hospital customers. Overall efficiency is expected to increase and some cost savings can result. There will be an estimated employee count of more than 2,400 in the new company allowing them to provide more than one million blood products to area hospitals annually.

Complex business transactions like the merger of these two blood banks can take time. This merger was roughly two years in the making. It can be helpful for businesses facing these changes to discuss the issues with legal counsel before making any final decisions or signing contracts.

Source: StAugustine.com, “Blood bank merger will save costs and improve services across 90 percent of Florida,” Dan Scanlan, August 1, 2015



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