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Real estate transaction leads to contract dispute

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Business Litigation |

Florida businesspersons involving in the development of contracts know that this can be messy business at times. Whether personal or professional in nature, contracts and their accompanying agreements can be very complex. When problems occur related to the terms or execution of a contract, one party can end up filing a claim against the other. A contract dispute can sometimes be settled via a judge and sometimes escalates to a jury decision.

One case in California involves allegations of both breach of contract and fraud. The former has yet to be settled and currently is awaiting a decision by the judge in the case. The latter, however, will now go to a jury for settlement as a request to dismiss the charge was denied. The case involves a real estate contract in which the buyer allegedly agreed to purchase a piece of property at a discounted price. This agreement was made along with the provision that he would introduce the seller to some important business contacts.

This agreement was reportedly made after an initial offer to purchase the property was rejected. The plaintiff is claiming that the buyer has not followed through on his commitment to make the business introductions as promised. Therefore, he is accusing the buyer of both fraud and breach of contract. The date of the jury trial is at this point unknown.

Real estate transactions are business transactions and can lead to business disputes and ensuing business litigation. People in Florida who are faced with these types of contract disputes may wish to contact an attorney for help.

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