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Physician alleges contract terms breached

On Behalf of | May 9, 2016 | Contract Disputes

Many Florida businesses routinely enter into contracts with other companies or even individuals in the course of performing their essential duties. Such contracts can include large corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships and smaller corporations or LLCs. Regardless of the parties involved, the importance of the legal ramifications of the terms of contracts still stands. When one party fails to live up to the stipulations of a contract, the other party may institute actions to rectify the situation.

Such is the case today for one Florida physician who is seeking compensation for what he alleges to be breach of contract on the part of an out-of-state company. The doctor specializes as an urogynecologist and has extensive experience with vaginal mesh procedures and their associated complications. As such, he frequently works as an expert witness in legal cases involving problems with vaginal mesh procedures.

Throughout a portion of 2015, the physician offered his expert testimony and services to a law firm in Pennsylvania. The firm represented a plaintiff in a vaginal mesh lawsuit. Just prior to Christmas, a jury verdict was awarded to the plaintiff for more than $12 million. However, the physician has since filed a lawsuit against the legal firm, alleging that they failed to properly compensate him per the terms of their contract. The suit indicates that at least $250,000 is owed to the physician for services alone. Other amounts are also included.

Florida businesses that are wronged by other businesses may wish to discuss their situations with an attorney. Learning the details of a contract and when a breach has occurred is important at these times.

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