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Software entrepreneur in lawsuit against computer chip company

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Business Litigation

Business owners and entrepreneurs in Florida are often considered about how to protect their intellectual property. This is not always an easy task, even with what seem to be clear and strict trademark infringement laws. Despite thes laws, disagreements between companies and individuals do arise and may sometimes lead to legal involvement and even lawsuits.

That is precisely the situation that one software developer and maven finds himself in today. John McAfee, who created the well-known and industry-leading suite of PC-based computer security software has recently filed a lawsuit against the equally well-known Intel Corporation. At the heart of the matter is the use of McAfee’s own name. Since the 2010 purchase of the then-branded McAfee software, Intel has renamed the product line to Intel Security.

Also since that time, the security giant has accepted a role at the helm of another company and now wants to rename that company to include his own name. Intel has balked at that, alleging that it would cause problems in the marketplace and further insinuated that McAfee not be allowed to do so despite the fact that it no longer uses the McAfee name itself. The use of his name was never something that McAfee sold or agreed to avoid, even in a deal made 15 years ago.

Florida businesses that find themselves struggling with challenges like this may find it beneficial to work closely with an experienced business litigator to protect not just current but also future business interests. 

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