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What should a construction warranty include?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2017 | Contract Disputes

Florida construction companies and independent contractors enjoy the ability to work unencumbered all year long thanks to the sunny and warm weather in the state. This freedom should not, however, make businesses feel as though they need not worry about small details in their contracts because they are focused on getting to the next job. Every little detail can matter a lot. If you are ironing out a contract with a client, one area that you should pay particular attention to is the warranty section.

As explained by the American Bar Association, your contract with a client should provide some level of warranty that covers both the quality of the workmanship but also the quality of the materials. However, you will logically need to protect yourself against such a warrant from being abused. What can lead to such abuse? Intentional damage of materials or poor quality of work on the part of a subcontractor may all cause issues you need to watch out for.

In order to avoid abusive claims or claims that really should be able to be directed down to your suppliers or subcontractors, you will want to carefully outline all exceptions in your warranty clauses. You should identify things like changes to materials made by someone other than you as outside the scope of your warranty. Any use or care of a materials that is not following standard protocol could also lead to a voiding of the warranty.

Another thing that many contractors overlook is the clear identification of dates that specify when a warranty begins and when it ends. You do not want people coming to you three years after your job was complete trying to seek damages.