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Sexual harassment in the workplace

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2017 | Employment Litigation

Florida employers and employees should make themselves fully aware of the laws governing discrimination and harassment in the workplace. As explained by the State of Florida, there are both federal and state laws that govern these things.

According to federal laws, any discrimination related to a person’s country of origin, color, gender, race or religion is strictly prohibited. Discrimination based upon any of these factors is also banned under state law but the state law adds to the factors upon which a person may not be discriminated against in the workplace. In Florida, discrimination based upon a handicap, single or married status or age is also illegal.

BLR adds that the Florida Civil Rights Act identifies discrimination against a woman based upon a pregnancy as a form of sexual discrimination. Also part of state law is the acknowledgement of sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination. Generally speaking, there are two types of sexual harassment. One is that in which a hostile work environment results and the ability of a person to work may be impeded. Another form is that in which an employee is requested or forced into certain behaviors in exchange for something else related to his or her job.

People should know that sexual harassment can and does occur among both genders. It can involve harassment by a male to a male, a male to a female, a female to a male or even a female to a female. Verbal and physical harassment are possible and may include unwelcome advances or requests.