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Woman says she was fired for reporting illegal activity

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2017 | Employment Litigation

When entering into an employment situation, Florida employers and employees alike must both be held to certain standards regarding conduct and expectations. Either party may at any time believe that the other party has done wrong and not fulfilled their agreements. In some cases, concerns about not following the law may even arise. When this happens, legal action might ensue.

Such is the case in Broward County where a woman who worked for a property management company for slightly more than a half a year has recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer. Reports indicate that during her brief tenure with the Silver Thatch Atlantic Condominium Association Inc., the woman is said to have become aware of alleged inappropriate use of a company credit card account.

In her role as a property manager, she reported to her employer that a board member was making personal purchases with the business’ credit card. Instead of being thanked for sharing the information, the woman was fired. In her lawsuit, she is seeking damages as well as past income, benefits and more.

Cases like the above illustrates how easily legal problems can arise between companies and their employees. When this happens, it may be beneficial to reach out and speak with an attorney. This may give people important information with which to decide what if any action they should or could take to seek compensation.

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