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Sexual harassment training for emloyees and managers

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Employment Litigation

Florida employers who are covered under the Florida Civil Rights Act not only need to be aware of the state’s laws surrounding sexual harassment at work but also need to focus on training their employees and managers about this issue. As explained by BLR, the Florida Civil Rights Act pertains to any business with more than 14 employees. This may be in either the public or the private sector. 

Sexual harassment can include many things and is considered to be a form of discrimination. Any practice by a company that may discriminate against a person based upon their gender, marital status or pregnancy status may be considered a form of sexual harassment.

The State of Florida adds that other actions identified as sexual harassment include any physical actions or verbal comments that are sexual in nature. A direct sexual advance that is unwanted by the other person or a direct request for a sexual favor may also be agains the Florida Administrative Code. These types of actions might result in the development of a hostile work environment in which a person may eventually feel unable to perform their job duties. Other actions might involve the misuse of an authoritative position when a manager or supervisor requests or requires sexual acts in exchange for perks on the job such as promotions or raises.

Sexual harassment training should be provided to managers and employees alike so that all parties understand how this type of discrimination is defined, what the law says and what the company policy stipulates and requires.