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Coach accuses school of breaching conract

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2017 | Contract Disputes

When many people in Florida think about lawsuits involving allegations of a breach of contract, they may mostly think about such issues happening between two businesses. This can certainly happen and does much of the time. However, many contracts are between individuals and businesses or even other entities. These agreements can also be the source of conflict down the road.

An example of a breach of contract conflict can be seen in a case involving a higher education institute and a former employee. The school, Florida A&M, had hired a man to be the coach of its basketball team. The original contract is said to have lasted for four years. However, the university cancelled the agreement after three seasons citing convenience as the reason. An initial complaint against the cancellation resulted in a decision in favor of the university. 

The former coach has actually initiated an appeal to the original decision as he continues to assert the contract should have lasted through to its originally intended completion. The school’s basketball team had a losing record under his leadership. It is not clear to what extent this played into the school’s decision or if that might have been a legitimate reason to cancel the contract early based upon the verbiage in the agreement.

People or entities that find themselves at odd with other parties they have entered into a contract with might want to consult with an experienced attorney for help to decide their options when a problem arises.

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