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What are some issues typically handled with business litigation?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Business Litigation |

Business litigation in Florida is often a way for conflicts between large businesses, or between businesses and non-corporate entities, to find a standardized and independently mediated resolution. After negotiations break down, businesses might pursue this legal option if it is available. The courts certainly do not go about adjudicating upon each and every commercial dispute that happens in the state. Please continue reading for a discussion of some of the criteria for this type of legal action.

There are just a few types of cases that qualify as complex business litigation. The Ninth Circuit Court of Florida, the state’s official business litigation section, lists the following examples of acceptable issues:

  • Unfair competitive environments
  • Copyright and other intangible property
  • Monopoly or other unfair business practices
  • Franchising disagreements

If any of these sound familiar, you are probably dealing with a situation requiring business litigation. However, large-scale corporate matters are not the only conflicts requiring litigation. Contract disputes may also require a civil court decision or attorney-mediated negotiations with the opposing party. These types of disputes might include:

  • Breach of professional trust
  • Violation of a legal contract
  • Legality of contract terms

In the broadest possible terms, business litigation encompasses any legal dispute involving a commercial agreement. It might also deal with the contestation of certain rights or privileges regarding property. Please consider the information here as educational materials. It is not legal advice, as proper advice would require a full review of your particular situation: Business litigation is, more often than not, a high-stakes process that allows for little to no margin for error. 


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