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What challenges do employees face during a company merger?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2018 | Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are widely considered to be a healthy part of the corporate world, opening doors for competition and innovation. However, as you are aware, few mergers in Florida and elsewhere go perfectly smoothly. Most newly-merged entities experience a few bumps in the road during the first few weeks and months after the change. Indeed, it can take some businesses a couple of years to acclimate to what may feel to employees and customers as a completely new company.

Employees may be among those to take a merge the hardest, according to Forbes. Your staff may have been loyal and comfortable with a smaller, cozier workplace environment. It is not unreasonable to expect some employees to fear the culture they love is about to change and possibly become sterile and impersonal. Your employees may at first be awkward or clash with the employees being brought in from the merging company. Others may fear their jobs are about to be downsized or their positions will change significantly.

How do you address these common and normal fears among your staff? You may start by being as transparent about the merger as you can. Introduce your plans for progress, and if possible, retain as much of the company’s culture that your employees value. You may not be able to avoid laying off some of your staff. This topic should be addressed with sensitivity and understanding. Since the mergers and acquisitions process is complex, the information in this blog is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.