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Florida COO fired for sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Employment Litigation |

Sexual harassment is certainly taboo at the workplace. This is especially true today, where the media is filled with reports of women and men being sexually harassed by people at work. Employers are responsible for providing a work environment safe from harassment of any type. When workers are asked to perform sexual acts in order to advance in the company or forced to put up with unwelcomed comments, they may decide to pursue legal action as a way to combat the behavior.

This is what happened with a Foxtail coffee employee in Central Florida. The woman reported incidents of sexual harassment stemming from the chief operating officer of the company and said that she was fired from the company after making a complaint. Although specific information regarding what type of sexual harassment was conducted by the company’s high management, the COO was forced to resign after the allegations were made. Once the public became aware of the harassment, threats to boycott the coffeehouse were made. Foxtail released a statement ensuring customers that this type of behavior was unacceptable, and that proper action was taken to ensure the end to the harassment.

If you feel as though you have been harassed at work, you may want to discuss the situation with an employment litigation attorney in Florida. An attorney may be able to look at the circumstances surrounding the case and help you explore any legal options available to you. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and emotional trauma that you have experienced.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Foxtail coffee exec ousted after sexual harassment accusations from former employee,” Kyle Arnold, Oct. 17, 2018.


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