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Is mediation right for your dispute?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Contract Disputes

Florida business owners understand how important connections are. Because of that, they also understand the importance of alternative dispute resolution methods. Litigation is not the only way to go. In fact, in some cases, you are better off avoiding it.

But these alternative methods are not right for every situation, either. Today we will look into the pros and cons of mediation. We will see if it is right for your dispute.

The importance of preserving business ties

Forbes talks about tips relating to conflict resolution in businesses. It is important because it helps preserve business relationships. In the business world, bridges are one of the most important assets to have. If you burn them, you lose valuable connections. You never know which connection could bring your business to the next level. To keep the peace between businesses, you may want to look into mediation.

Dispute resolution as a mediation tactic

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution tactic. It relies on a third party. This professional provides a unique perspective on the situation. They work with you and the other party, helping you air grievances in a safe and controlled way. Not only do they mitigate damage, but they help come up with fixes for your problems, too. Mediation is not legally binding. But at the end of a successful mediation session, you can walk away with written agreements on what to do.

Mediation may not work in some cases. Such cases may involve a large sum of money. It may involve a grievous wrong done to one party that makes cooperation impossible. It is important to survey your unique situation and make a decision from there.