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Preventing disgruntled employees from causing discord

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Employment Litigation

Whether companies in Florida manage a large group of employees or a smaller group of workers, some of their top priorities are maintaining good communication, satisfactory performance and a synergistic culture. Discontented employees who feel underappreciated, ignored or mistreated may create discord in the organization.

Preventing dissatisfaction amongst employees from infiltrating an organization’s culture and affecting its success requires timely acknowledgment of potential threats.

Recognizing danger

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, some of the top behaviors that company leaders should watch for that could indicate an unhappy employee include the following:

  • The inability to get along well with others and contribute to a team initiative and refusal to participate in group tasks.
  • Showing up late or not at all for work with an attitude that his or her absenteeism does not affect anyone else.
  • Poor performance reviews and failure to meet company-specified expectations for his or her job.
  • A negative attitude that affects interactions with other employees and customers, and may come across passively or aggressively.

Dealing with discontent

Leaders who ignore discord may unknowingly increase the risk that a disgruntled employee will take drastic measures to prove his or her unhappiness. Protecting against lawsuits and other issues requires a proactive response to warning signs. Companies that prioritize finding a solution to help employees that are unhappy may more effectively dissolve tension before it creates a threat to the organization.

Entrepreneur suggests some helpful ways to manage unhappy employees including the need for leaders to approach the situation with patience, civility and professionalism. Leaders must also take precautions to preserve the privacy of the disgruntled employee and encourage other employees who know of the situation to do the same.