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Ways to stop theft by your employees

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2021 | Business Litigation |

It’s something to fret over for just about all employers – ensuring that no one in your workforce is stealing from under your nose. In a perfect world, you or someone else would be monitoring everyone closely 24/7. Of course, that is not realistic. You could only hire people with so much integrity and honesty that they would never even consider stealing anything. Unfortunately, even trusted, reputable employees sometimes commit crimes like theft.

Theft can encompass a wide range of stealing. An employee may make off with funds, goods or intellectual property. There is even such a thing as “time theft,” by which a worker connives to be paid for hours they did not actually put in.

The workers who commit theft can be extraordinarily cunning and adept at fooling people, especially the boss. Sometimes, the thief is the very last person you would ever suspect of snatching anything illegally. They might use that to their advantage.

What’s an employer to do to foil theft?

You can’t afford to relax your guard, literally. Theft perpetrated by workers in America results in staggering total losses to businesses of $50 billion a year. You must be vigilant and take all necessary proactive measures to curb or entirely halt theft by people working for you. They have to understand that you won’t stand for it.

Try these preventative actions:

  • Have employees work in pairs when doing tasks like opening or closing the business for the day.
  • Employees sometimes nab things and hide them in the trash, then grab them up later. Keep an eye on your dumpsters and trash receptacles.
  • Check newcomers’ backgrounds rigorously prior to hiring them.
  • Encourage employees to inform you of anything amiss in your workplace. Set up channels for them to do so.
  • Have a surveillance camera in areas where stealing might occur.

Protect what’s yours from being swiped by a crafty insider. Sometimes, the value of ongoing legal guidance to your business cannot be overestimated, particularly when it comes to preserving your future. 


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