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What does age discrimination look like in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Employment Litigation

It is illegal for a potential or current employer to discriminate against you because of your age. Unfortunately, ageism is still widespread despite the laws prohibiting this and other forms of discrimination.

For various reasons, older employees often play second fiddle to younger workers, who are preferred and favored by some employers. It could be due to a common misconception that a person’s mental and physical abilities deteriorate with age or plain old stereotyping, where an older person is perceived to be less capable of learning or adapting to change.

Age discrimination can be hard to identify

Victims of age discrimination often suffer in silence because it is difficult to identify and prove ageism. Some subtle indicators to look out for include disparaging comments made by your colleagues or manager regarding your age or being relegated to less important tasks over time.

In other instances, your employer may overlook you for a promotion and other opportunities that come up even if you meet the qualifications. They may try to force you into early retirement because of your age.

Staff recruitment policies at your workplace could also point to something. When older workers are systematically being replaced by younger employees due to changes in the hiring policy, it can be a sign of age discrimination.

Take appropriate action

Should your employer discriminate against you because of your age, you need to act to protect your rights and interests. You can start by raising the matter with your supervisor and following the internal procedures at your workplace for addressing such issues.

If your efforts bear no fruit, it may be time to explore other options like filing a discrimination claim against the employer. It is best to seek assistance in building your case and navigating the legal procedures to get the justice you deserve.