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What costs can you claim as a workplace discrimination victim?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Employment Litigation

The phrase “employment discrimination” is broad and could refer to a variety of different workplace occurrences. The full period of employment, from hiring to termination, is covered.

You might only want to take a stand and get some justice by filing a claim for discrimination against your company. You might not be aware of the specific costs and compensation that you may be entitled to. Depending on the nature of the discrimination, there are four general categories under which you might file a compensatory claim.

Back pay and future pay

Both back pay and future pay are quite easy to understand. It accounts for pay that has already been lost and projected future losses if the discrimination hadn’t happened.

An employee may be entitled to compensation for wages lost from the date of their termination until the date of the judgment if it is found that their termination was unlawful because of their gender, age, or sexual orientation.

You must demonstrate that you have been jobless for a certain amount of time both because of and as a result of your termination in order to be eligible for future compensation.

Damages for pain and suffering

Losing your job is often a stressful and emotional experience. There is a system in place to make up for the considerable mental pain that unfairness and prejudice can bring.

You must demonstrate that the discrimination caused you physical and/or mental harm in order to establish “pain and suffering” for the purposes of receiving damages.

Attorney fees and court costs

You may also receive compensation for your legal representation costs if you file a claim for discrimination. As a result, your employer is responsible for covering your legal fees if you prevail.

Punitive damages

When the employer’s behavior is extremely poor and the court feels that they should be punished, they may have to take on this form of damages.

Employment discrimination shouldn’t happen to anyone. There are tight deadlines, so it’s critical that you move promptly if you’re thinking about filing a claim against your company.