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What should you consider when hiring your first employees?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Business Formation & Planning |

Has your company grown to the point where you need employees to share some of the workload? Many companies start and end with only a single employee – themselves. Others become so successful that outside help is necessary.

Those who have never been the boss must take special care not to violate any laws or rules. To help in this goal, here are some issues first-time employers should consider when hiring.

Setting up employee payroll

You should not hand your workers a stack of cash and call it good. Proper payroll practices require a plan. For example, you must set your hourly rates, withhold taxes for the IRS and administer your payroll.

Solution: Create an in-house department for payroll matters or hire an outside company.

Establishing workplace policies

Workers need and appreciate clear guidance to help them comply with company rules and procedures. An employee handbook containing anti-discrimination and other policies benefits your staff. Well-drafted policies can also protect your company from employment litigation by disgruntled workers.

Solution: Learn to create lawful policies or consult a Florida business and employment law professional.

Providing employee benefits

Some worker benefits like workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance are mandatory in most Florida employment situations. However, you can offer your workforce additional benefits such as healthcare insurance coverage and pension plans.

Solution: Speak with a financial advisor or accountant to ensure your company can afford the benefits you wish to offer.

When you take on employees for the first time, you expose your business to more litigation threats than companies with no workers. One way to mitigate these and other risks before hiring workers is to obtain experienced legal guidance.


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