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4 reasons an employee may make a discrimination claim

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2023 | Employment Litigation

Discrimination makes a workplace unsafe for employees who are part of minority groups. Businesses are required to do what they can to combat targeted biases and prejudice

A seemingly minor comment, physical gesture or action may lead to discrimination. If left unchecked, these actions could intensify to threats, stalking and physical altercations. Businesses that do not take discrimination claims seriously may face scrutiny and legal claims. 

Here are a few examples of how an employee may be a victim of discrimination: 

1. Age

An employee who is 40 years of age or older may be treated differently in the workplace. Because of their age, an employee may be seen as less competent and unable to learn new skills and abilities. A comment about how an employee should retire because of their age may be seen as discriminatory. 

2. Sexual orientation

An employee may be sexually attracted to the same or opposite gender. Their sexual orientation may be discriminated against in several ways. For example, the discovery that an employee is sexually attracted to the same gender may lead to unlawful termination. 

3. Race

Despite common misconceptions, a person’s race does not mean they are inherently violent or lazy. Stereotypes create hostile work environments and prevent people from having equal employment opportunities. Likewise, comments about a person’s skin or hair texture, for example, may lead to discrimination.

4. Religion 

Employees have the right to practice their religious beliefs in the workplace. An employee may be a target of violence or discrimination if their religious beliefs conflict with co-workers or employers. 

Businesses may need to learn about their legal rights if an employee is claiming they have been discriminatorily targeted. Handling a discrimination claim promptly may help enforce a safe work environment and avoid legal battles.