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Lionsgate Television may face lawsuit for writing off Blair

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Employment Litigation

Regardless of whether you are in Fort Lauderdale, or some other locality, employment regulations and laws protect employers and employees alike. While employers have the ability to terminate employment contracts if they feel workers are not performing up to standards, have decided to make a change or for any other number of legal reasons. If, however, a worker feels that their rights have been in some way violated by a superior or a business that they work for, such as if they were fired out of retaliation or based on some type of discrimination, they may have grounds for legal action.

Lionsgate Television could soon find itself involved in litigation over an employment dispute if it does not agree to actress, Selma Blair’s, demands. According to reports, the actress has threatened to file a lawsuit for wrongful discharge unless the company agrees to pay her for the remaining episodes on her contract. Blair starred alongside Charlie Sheen in the FX hit, “Anger Management”, until recently when her character was written off the show.

Blair reportedly claims that the firing was in retaliation for negative comments she made about her co-star’s work ethic. She suggests the studio’s decision to write her character off was based on demands from Sheen that she be fired or he would not continue with the show. It was not reported whether there was any type of a timetable presented to Lionsgate for when they must pay up the $1.2 million that Blair claims to be owed or face litigation.

Both companies defending against employment litigation, as well as any workers who are considering filing an employment lawsuit, would likely benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney. A lawyer can explain your options and offer advice based on your specific situation.

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