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August 2013 Archives

Florida school district violated employment contracts, owes money

Teachers are often viewed as underappreciated and underpaid members of the workforce. Many teachers in Florida work hard every day to provide their students with a good education. Unfortunately, school districts do not always have enough money to pay teachers what they deserve.

Propose airline merger may directly affect Florida flights

In the last few years there have been mergers between some of the country’s biggest airlines, including Delta and Northwest and United and Continental. These mergers went through unopposed, which is why the latest development in a proposed airline merger caught many people in Florida and around the country off guard.

Settlement reached in Florida construction dispute

Construction projects in Florida can be very expensive, especially when things do not go according to plan. When things get off track, it can cost the city or the contractor millions of dollars. For this reason, it is imperative that building contracts are drafted correctly.

Merger imminent between 2 Florida banks

It is no secret that the last five years have been tough on millions of Americans. Many people have struggled to meet their financial obligations due to job loss or a weak real estate market. The economic downturn was also difficult for many businesses, including banks. Thanks to a new business deal, however, things are looking up for Florida Community Bank.


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