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March 2017 Archives

Job hiring discrimination laws

If you are one of the many professionals in Florida who is involved in recruiting people for jobs,  you will want to understand the legalities involved in this process. Whether you are a hiring managers, professional recruiter or human resources professional, these laws will impact you. From the verbiage used in job ads to discussions during interviews, the law governs what is legal and what is not.

Selecting a business partner

Many Florida entrepreneurs find it beneficial to partner with others when launching new ventures. Such partnerships may also be valuable when merging existing companies into one new entity. But, before rushing into a business partnership, people should take caution to evaluate the situation and ensure it is the right one. A partnership in business is much like that in a personal relationship and making the wrong choice can be emotionally and financially draining down the road.

Aerospace merger passes shareholder vote

When a Florida business wants to merge with another business, there may be many steps involved before the final deal can be approved and the newly formed company can move forward. If a company is publicly traded, one of these steps may involve a vote of the shareholders.

Tips on creating culture after a merger

Is your Florida company considering a strategic merger or acquisition? Whether your business is purchasing another or being purchased by a different company, there are some concrete steps that must be taken in order to ensure success in this type of venture. Certainly this will require very detailed contracts and financial plans but there is more to it than that. Your business is made up of people and it is essential that people are taken care of properly through this type of process.


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