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January 2016 Archives

Wine and spirits distributor set to merge

When Florida businesses look to grow by merger or acquisition, there can be many ways via which this can happen. For example, all areas of the two businesses can be combined into one. It is also possible for two companies to merge yet for select parts of one or both businesses to remain separate. Such is the case with a recently announced merger involving a Miami-based company.

Tips for managing a successful business merger

When bringing two companies together into one, Florida entrepreneurs and business leaders will have many challenges to face. Investopedia notes that a large number of mergers, especially those involving larger companies, are not ultimately successful. The tendency to underestimate the impact of consolidating operations is understandable but it can also be avoided with careful preparation.

How can you create a good business plan?

The process of getting a new business off the ground in Florida can be very exciting. At the same time, the sheer number of things to make sure are taken care of can be overwhelming, especially if you have never started a company before. Drafting a business plan is one of those activities. Following are some tips on how to create a good plan for your new business.

Important contracts for new businesses

When making plans to launch a new business in Florida, ensuring that you have proper legal agreements and protections in place is important. No matter what type or size of business you are starting, you should take the time to outline what standard business contracts you need and what terms you want to outline in them.


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