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May 2018 Archives

Fast food workers file EEOC complaints

People in Florida who work for other individuals or company likely know that there are laws designed to ensure that everyone is able to do their jobs in a safe environment. This does not only mean that hazards that may result in physical accidents are addressed but it also means that people should be able to go to work every day and be treated with respect by their colleagues and their superiors. 

How do employers pay tipped workers in Florida?

If you are one of the many establishments in Florida whose employees rely on regular tips as part of their wages, minimum wage laws apply differently to you. Restaurant servers, bartenders, parking valets and others in professions that traditionally receive tips can be subject to a tip credit. This means you can pay your employees less than the usual minimum wage of $8.25, although you will need to be careful to follow the rule to the letter, or you may face wage violation accusations.

Space program workers vote to strike in FL and elsewhere

Strikes are a common tactic for employees in Florida and across the country to make their voices heard and to negotiate more favorable terms with their employers. A strike can be an effective way to settle a contract dispute, but it may also create hardships for workers who do not make a wage while protesting, or for businesses that rely on them.

Animals cannot sue for copyright infringement, appeals judge says

Under copyright law, those who write stories and music, create art and take photographs own the legal rights to the work they have created unless they enter a contract to sign over their rights to another party. What if an animal creates a work of art or takes a picture? Florida residents may be interested to hear about a case involving a monkey that took a selfie and ended up being the subject of a copyright lawsuit over the picture he took.


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