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November 2015 Archives

Proposed merger faces opposition

It is not an uncommon practice for separate businesses to combine to form a new entity in Florida. This can happen via a merger or an acquisition. Some of these instances are mutually agreeable by both parties while others are not always equally welcomed by both businesses. In yet other cases, even when business executives on both sides agree to a deal, shareholders or others with interest in the business may not agree.

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act?

Employees in Florida can find themselves subject to many different situations that require them to take time away from work. When these situations require you to take more than one or two days away from a job, you must find other ways to make arrangements with your employer. The federal Family and Medical Leave Act is legislation that gives you the right to take such time away from a job. While you are on leave, your job and your benefits will be retained.

Understanding age discrimination in the workplace

Regardless of your age, you may have concerns or questions about age discrimination in the workplace. What can be considered age discrimination in Florida? What does the law allow or not allow? Discrimination against a person based upon age can be a violation of civil rights just like sexual discrimination or other actions.


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