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December 2016 Archives

Battery companies in lawsuit over new packaging

In the fast-paced world of American commerce, businesses in Florida must continually compete and search for new ways to get ahead and, ideally, stay ahead, of the competition. There can be many positive sides to this but it can also give rise to additional headaches and problems that companies have to deal with. Competition can grow a market but it can also move into the realm of unfair. When this happens, legal battles between competitors may ensue.

How do I know if a merger is good for me as an employee?

Are you working for a company in Florida that is merging with another business? Whether your new company will be based in Florida or include operations in other states, you no doubt have some questions about what to expect after the merger is complete. You might also be wondering how secure your job is going forward. Even if your job is not in jeopardy of being cut due to a merger, you will want to watch out for some changes that might warrant you looking for a new job.

Woman sues former employer for alleged wrongful termination

Florida employers are bound by several laws to provide specific benefits and accommodations to employees. Employees also have responsibilities and those include the performance of the job duties for which they are hired. When one party believes the other has not upheld their end of these agreements, action may be taken.

Patents and venture capital funding for startups

For entrepreneurs in Florida wanting to get their new ideas and business ventures off the ground, finding ways to fund their operations can often be one of the biggest challenges. Quite frequently, the clock is ticking giving startups little time in which to prove their concepts successful or close their doors. Obtaining patents may well be one of the best ways that a startup can get the financial backing it needs to get through the startup phase.

Company culture and merger success

As a Florida business person, have you often wondered what makes one business merger highly successful while the next one fails? In fact, Forbes indicates that it is not simply one failed merger for one successful merger that you may see. A whopping 83 percent of mergers are said to actually fail. Just what might make this be the case?


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