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May 2016 Archives

Understanding the scope of at-will employment

Business owners, executives, managers and human resources professionals in Florida have many laws to adhere to when it comes to managing human capital. Understanding what they can and cannot do if the need to fire an employee arises is very important. As explained by the National Conference of State Legislatures, Florida abides by the principle of at-will employment. But, what does this really mean? Can a business let an employee go for any reason?

What are the benefits of a business partnership?

If you want to start a new business in Florida, one of the many choices you will have to make is what type of operating structure you want to use. You can choose to create a sole proprietorship, a corporation, a limited liability company or a partnership. Each one of these models has its own set of pros and cons. When would a partnership be right for you?

Factors to consider before engaging in a reverse merger

Business owners or entrepreneurs looking to start up their next venture must always be on the lookout for funding options. In addition to venture capitalists, angel investors and other ways of securing capital for a new business, some people may choose to seek out a reverse merger. The U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission explains that reverse mergers are also referred to as reverse takeovers. This is because in these transactions, a private company does essentially take over a publicly traded company.

Physician alleges contract terms breached

Many Florida businesses routinely enter into contracts with other companies or even individuals in the course of performing their essential duties. Such contracts can include large corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships and smaller corporations or LLCs. Regardless of the parties involved, the importance of the legal ramifications of the terms of contracts still stands. When one party fails to live up to the stipulations of a contract, the other party may institute actions to rectify the situation.

What do you need in a nondisclosure agreement?

If the company you own or work will be collaborating in some way with another company or individual, it may be necessary for you to share some sensitive information with the other party. Florida businesses do this all the time but they should never do it carelessly. There are many situations that logically warrant the sharing of business information but that also require that information to be protected in the process. This is exactly what a nondisclosure agreement allows.


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