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June 2016 Archives

Two executives sued after leaving company

Florida companies frequently utilize employment contracts, especially with people in executive leadership positions, in order to protect their business interests. When those who have intimate knowledge of a business' strategy, pricing and other sensitive information improperly use it, companies may need to take action.

State employees and others to see credit union merger

Combining efforts with another business can be an effective means of sustaining growth or even staying in business for some Florida companies. Many mergers or acquisitions are jointly sought by both parties while others are initiated by one entity. In some cases, shareholders or those with interests in one business may not even want to merge but the venture may still go through.

Jury award made despite lack of valid contract

Florida residents who enter into legal contracts understandably want to know that the law will protect them if the provisions of those contracts are ever broken. This is important regardless of the dollar value associated with the contracts. Financial implications are just one component to contract law as principles and ethics are also involved.

How can you best prepare to seek investor funding?

Are you planning to start a new business in Florida? Will you need or want investors to help provide capital for your new venture? If so, you will no doubt need to understand some of the ways to best position you for the “yes” answers—and associated money—you seek to get your new company off the ground.


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