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February 2017 Archives

What should be included in an employment contract?

If you are entering into negotiations related to an employment contract in Florida, it is important for you to understand the range of topics that your contract may include. A contract for employment can go a lot farther than simply stipulating that a specific company is going to hire a specific person.

Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act

Whether you are an employer or an employee in Florida, it is important for you to understand some of the basic laws governing your employment relationships. Many laws are designed specifically to protect employee rights and understanding what exactly is and is not required is important in the event that a dispute arises.

Woman says she was fired for reporting illegal activity

When entering into an employment situation, Florida employers and employees alike must both be held to certain standards regarding conduct and expectations. Either party may at any time believe that the other party has done wrong and not fulfilled their agreements. In some cases, concerns about not following the law may even arise. When this happens, legal action might ensue.


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