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March 2018 Archives

What is breach of contract?

If you are a typical Floridian, you are party to many contracts. From your mortgage or lease agreement to your car loan to your internet and cellphone provider to your confirmations of online purchases, contracts are a normal part of daily life. If you think about it, your marriage is a contract between you and your spouse.

Verbal agreements may not be in your company’s best interest

If you own a small business and take pride in the small-town feel of a community that works together, you probably have several associates you have worked with for years. While it is nice to have business owners who promote each other’s products and services, it is always wise to keep a modern business sense. At the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we are prepared to answer the questions of Florida business owners who wish to avoid contract disputes.

What happens when a business partnership breaks up?

Business partnerships are like marriages. They are made up of people: people who are different; people who have different needs; people who have different working styles; people who have different life goals. If you are a partner in a Florida business, you may have the uneasy feeling that all is not “right” in your business. Maybe you cannot put your finger on exactly what is wrong, but the excitement, enthusiasm and thrill that you and your partner(s) had when you first started your business seem to have dissipated over time. You no longer greet each business day as a marvelous opportunity to gain new customers, produce more product, and earn more revenue. Now there are days when you would just as soon stay home, and you fear that your partner(s) may feel exactly the same way.

Common customer problems companies can face during a merger

The mergers and acquisitions process is rarely a simple and straightforward one. Executives will be confronted with new tasks and responsibilities, and employees on both sides face their comfortable, familiar company culture shifting and changing. Many may fear for their job security. At the Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A., we are aware that consumers are also affected during mergers of Florida companies. It is important that you understand the different facets of a merger, so you can avoid the worst of the hurdles while the dust settles.

Can you be fired for being pregnant?

If you are a Florida woman who is thinking about becoming pregnant or already is, it probably never crossed your mind that you might lose your job because of your pregnancy. But before you laugh at the possibility of such a thing happening in 2018, consider the recent case of a Louisiana Walmart worker.


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