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July 2017 Archives

Bank increases presence in Florida with acquisition

For many businesses, one strategic way of expanding operations and grow profits is to merge with other businesses or even buy them outright. One bank headquartered in the northeast with some branches in Florida has been looking to expand its presence in the sunshine state. Recently that bank, Valley National Bancorp has announced that its board of directly voted unanimously to approve the acquisition of USAmeriBancorp Inc.

DOJ reversal: LGBT employees are not protected

A recent change in the position being taken by the Department of Justice could leave some Florida employees vulnerable to termination. As Business Insider reports, the DOJ has filed a briefing arguing that sexual orientation is not protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects against workplace discrimination.

Protecting your trade secrets

Your company has no doubt dedicated a good deal of resources to developing those practices and products that distinguish you from your competition in Fort Lauderdale. To have those leaked to competitors could be a potentially devastating blow to your business. Most of the corporate clients that we here at The Law Offices of Levi Williams, P.A. have worked with in the past have seen such leaks occur when former employers have left their organizations. You may have a non-disclosure agreement that prevents employees from sharing your trade secrets, yet have you truly aware of what qualifies as such? And if such secrets did get out, what can you do to stop their proliferation?

Understanding the IPO process

Florida entrepreneurs who have successfully built up new ventures may at some point consider turning their privately held companies into publicly traded companies. There is no rule as to when or why this may be done and it is certainly not the route for every business but it can have some advantages.

Non-profit agency seeks government money per contract

It is not only private, for-profit Florida businesses and organizations that regularly engage in contractual relationships but governmental and non-profit organizations as well. As with any contract, a dispute can arise at any time, pitting two entities at odds against each other. It is during these situations that the power of an original contract can truly be put to the test.


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