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February 2018 Archives

Understanding deceptive trade practices

Florida residents who feel they have been misled by false claims, disinformation or other misleading practices of a retailer or manufacturer may wish to consider filing a lawsuit against that business for deceptive trade practices. As FindLaw explains, under Florida’s Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Act, consumers can bring such an action if they have been damaged, financially or otherwise, by a business that engaged in false advertising, false labeling, or the making of outrageously inaccurate claims and/or promises about their product.

What emotional effects can sexual harassment cause?

As you may know, being in a toxic work environment can affect your work performance and, in some cases, might make you fear for your job. Sexual harassment is a particularly insidious way a job can go from pleasant to unbearable, but you and other Floridians who have been sexually harassed may not realize the true emotional and psychological damage until months or years later.

What should you consider when starting a contracting business?

If you are a Florida resident who enjoys remodeling and renovating homes, perhaps even building from scratch, you may be considering becoming a contractor and going into business for yourself. While this is an exciting prospect, getting your new business up and running can be daunting.


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