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December 2013 Archives

Florida new site for Office Max headquarters after merger

When a company in Fort Lauderdale succeeds in the friendly acquisition of another company, there are often many decisions that must be dealt with. Many of these decisions center on the business development of the two companies into one entity, and may involve location discussion, employees and even product lines. Acquisitions can be an effective method to expand a company or even buy out a competitor but they are also complex and can generate many large changes.

City claims breach of contract after helicopter crash, sues maker

In Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere, it is very common for a business or organization to sign a sale contract with a company when they are making a major purchase. Contract drafting in these situations will often include the terms of payment in addition to specifics regarding the product or service that is being purchased. If the product is not delivered as specified or if payment is not made in accordance with the contract, it could result in a dispute between the two entities that made the agreement.

Local brewery acquires natural energy company in prep for growth

It is not uncommon for one business in Fort Lauderdale, or some other U.S. city, to purchase or take over another, particularly when the business that made the acquisition is growing. While in some situations this may be in order to eliminate a competing business, in others it may be in order to expand or enhance their operations.

Publicist sues "Rebecca" producers for breach of contract

Whether it is two businesses who are striking a deal to work together, two people in the same situation, or an individual person agreeing to provide a service for or work with another business or person, the two sides will often sign a business contract. Contract drafting for agreements such as these often include explanation of the services to be rendered and the cost of those services. Should either side fail in some way to adhere to the stipulations as outlined in this type of contract, it could result in litigation.


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